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SEO Atlantic is the leading SEO agency in Manchester. Our team has years of experience and is focused on achieving high rankings for our clients. We have a young team of SEO specialists with experience in the UK digital marketing area that have achieved amazing return-on-investments for each brand that is working with us. Strategies tailored for success in every niche

Manchester SEO process

1. SEO Audit

Our SEO audit consists of interpreting data from several tools (Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, SurferSEO) and includes competitor analysis which helps to uncover content marketing opportunities for your web pages to further improve organic traffic.

2. SEO Campaign

Our SEO strategies include only white hat techniques to improve the online presence of your website in Google organic search. Our SEO campaigns are custom designed to fit your needs by taking into account where you are at the moment with your business, the resources you can allocate, and the technical difficulty where our developers can also step in and help with the implementation.

3. More traffic!

Search engines have been driving more traffic than any other channel in online marketing and with a good SEO strategy that includes local SEO, high-quality content, technical SEO, and constantly testing many SEO tactics and techniques you can get formidable SEO results in the long term.

In order for us to boost your online presence in the search engine, the SEO team must focus on optimizing each ranking factor and improving your domain authority by acquiring backlinks on relevant anchor texts from industry experts.

Making sure we improve factors such as EAT ( Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) will tremendously help the process and will generate the best search engine rankings for each of your search terms.

Our Manchester SEO process includes the following stages

SEO Analysis

SEO analysis is the first thing to do before starting an SEO campaign. Usually, this consists of keyword research, market research, general issues that keep your website from ranking.

In this stage, an SEO calendar is created with the stages that will be covered during the SEO campaign. We also set the goals we want to achieve, the type of traffic, whether informational or transactional and the potential ROI after the end of the campaign.

Technical SEO

The next step is to prepare the website from a technical point of view so that there are no problems with crawling, indexing, and duplicate content from the google robot.

This stage may require large or small programming knowledge. Depending on their difficulty, our programmers can help you with the implementation of SEO recommendations through communication software such as Team Viewer / Zoom.

User Experience

Using ReactJS, every page on our website loads instantly with server-side rendering and is also optimized to be SEO friendly. A pleasant and useful experience is a key factor in convincing google bot that you deserve to be in the first page results.

Considering that Google has switched to Mobile-First Indexing and on average users' mobile devices are priced at $ 200, websites are bound to have a fast loading speed.
Our SEO Manchester agency is very focused on new trends and updates when it comes to UX. With simple techniques like injecting dynamic scripts via “document.write ()” you can reduce seconds from loading.

OffPage Optimization

The off-page stage refers to the creation of relevant connections from external niche related websites. This strategy is necessary to increase the authority of the website in the eyes of Google and easily rank for future keywords.

This process consists of creating articles and placing them on external websites in the same niche as your site. These link building strategies include Guest Posting, Niche Insertions, Press Releases, Social Signals, and more.
Due to the relationships, we have formed with multiple websites, we are able to quickly secure placements on niche relevant websites and leave your competitors in the wind.

OnPage Optimization

It is essential to have a perfect on-page optimization of the landing pages that we want to rank on Google. This process takes into account all Google updates, such as RankBrain and BERT, and through small on-page changes, we try to satisfy all its needs.

A key component of the on-page stage is the correct establishment of meta tags (Title, H1, Alt tags, etc.) and a well-organized internal linking structure.

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