What are long tail keywords?

The term "long tail keywords" is often used by SEO experts when they discuss optimizing the keywords of a website or blog for high search engine rankings. In order to understand the meaning of this term, one must first understand how the search engine works.

For example, if a site was created and marketed for its health benefits, the content and keyword placement would need to be geared towards health benefits. However, if the same site were created to target people who are searching for information on the latest trends in fashion, the keyword placement and content would need to be geared towards a niche in fashion.

Here is a quick example

Main Keyword: Health Benefits

Long Tail Keywords:

  • health benefits of gingerr
  • avocado health benefits
  • green tea health benefits

For those who have not had experience with search engine optimization, the terms may seem to be confusing. However, the term itself is simply the best way to describe the types of keywords used to target specific categories in the search engine results. For example, long tail keywords are the ones which are used to target specific niches in the search engine results and therefore, have lower competition.

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