If your business has an offline address or your services are limited to a specific geographical area, optimizing for Local SEO will help you find the public in your area when they search for such products or services.

With Local SEO Optimization, Google My Business can become a tool of total search domination, if done right.

What does a Local SEO Optimization consist of?

  1. Local Authority
  2. Local Content Creation
  3. Analysis and Optimization

1. Local Authority

As you know, there are millions of websites competing for a spot in Google’s Local search snippet. Google determines who reaches the top of local results by analyzing hundreds of factors. If your website is well optimized to satisfy Google’s demands, it will eventually gain authority and be able to rank easier in that niche.

Most known factors for local SEO are the following:

  • Citations
  • Classified Ads
  • Business Profiles
  • Guest posts

And any other type of content that constraints the NAP ( Name, Address, Phone Number) of the business.

2. Local Content Creation

In order to maximize your rankings, your website needs to produce the type of content that users are interested in with the necessary SEO optimization. Running a Local SEO campaign can be tricky for someone with no experience.

A part of our Local SEO Package consists of:

  • Identifying topic
  • Writing engaging content for users

3. Analyse and Optimize

Once we’ve been able to establish a certain authority in the Local SEO area and creating content for users it’s all comes down to:

  • Analysis: Tacking each article and keyword and measuring the impact and ROI
  • Keep Optimizing: The work is never done, you can always discover more opportunities via Google Trends or competitors analysis

Our firm offers a custom Local SEO package based on your niche and competition in order for you to generate the most out of it. We use tested local SEO marketing strategies that allow you to build a stronger customer base and help your business grow in the online area.