Link Building is the process of obtaining links from external websites. Having a great backlink profile and content is the key to promoting websites in most search engines.

There are many link building techniques, the most popular and effective being:

  1. Guest Posts
  2. Link Insertions
  3. Press Releases

1. Guest Posting

How to find Guest Post opportunities?

The best place to find guest posting opportunities is your competition. The way I do it is through a competitor monitoring tool called Ahrefs. Here is a quick tutorial:

  1. Make a list of your main competitors.

Ahrefs can help with that as well - Organic Search - Competing Domains

  1. Paste one of your competitors URL in the explorer and go to Backlinks → Order them by DR → Only Dofollow → One link per domain

It's pretty easy to spot backlinks coming from guest posts. Usually, the URL format is a blog post or comes from a

Another suggestion is to sort the links by DR. This way you will start with the most authoritative websites.

Also, always try to contact only websites that are relevant to your niche. If you have a website about weight loss, do not look to post a guest post on an online marketing blog, it won’t help.

Once you've gathered them, it's time to shoot them an email with a guest posting proposal. Because this is one of the most used methods and the demand is very high, you will most likely be asked for an approval fee (usually 100-200 USD, it can go as far as 1000 USD depending on the authority of the website). That being said, it is important to choose them carefully to preserve your SEO budget.

2. Link Insertions

Link insertion is an alternative based on the same principle. From our point of view, it is easier, cheaper, and even more effective than guest posts.

You can use the same strategy as guest posting to look for opportunities but, Instead of writing articles, suggest that they insert a paragraph or, if not, a direct link to a keyword in that article.

This way, you receive a link from a page that already has authority, where most likely your competitors are mentioned as well and you save the cost or time of writing a new article and its approval.

From our experience, it takes a bit longer for Google to give you the full power of those links just because it needs to recrawl them and some

3. Press Releases

Press releases are another great way to do link building if done properly. And here I am not referring to the usual press releases automatically distributed to platforms spammed by thousands of websites daily that boast of publications on ABC, CBS, FOX, CW, and others because these are just partner websites, not the big ones.

This is what they advertise:

This is what you get:

FOX = (Fox 54)

CBS = (CBS 2)

CW = ( CW LUBBock )

Yes, we gave it a try, just as an experiment to measure their impact.


  • Mention on USAToday ( - Nofollow )
  • Mention on MarketWatch (surprisingly Dofollow)
  • Ability to brag about those two to basic users


Cost: 149 USD

A real press release campaign that has an SEO impact consists of websites like Bloomberg, Yahoo, WSJ, NY Times, and others depending on the niche you are in. These are an excellent start for any website but in order for your press release to get there, there is a long journey ahead.

In order to get in touch with the editors of the respective publications and develop a cooperative and trusting relationship, it is necessary to invest a long period of time and effort.

Linkedin is the recommended network in creating these types of relationships and there are two approaches you can go for:

  • How can you help my business?
  • How can I help you with research and make your life easier and at the same time get a mention for my brand

But there's really only one, isn't it?