Can Nofollow Links Help you rank in Google?

Quick answer: Yes

Long answer:

The rel = "nofollow" attribute was introduced by Google in 2005, when seo was still fragile and easy to manipulate with black hat techniques. Their main goal was to stop spam with links in the comments section of blogs.

In 2020, SEO is already mature and algorithms such as Panda, Penguin, RankBrain do not allow any webmaster to cheat and fraudulently reach the top positions in Google with the help of BlackHat techniques.

In 2019, Google redefined the Nofollow tag by introducing 2 more informative tags for the search engine "UGC" - User Generated Content and Sponsored - Purchased links.

But what about nofollow?

According to a recent article posted by Google on June 9, 2020, they mention that nofollow links are used as clues for the search engine.

Google mention of Nofollow attribute

What does this mean for your link building technique?

It is simply time to stop looking only for websites that accept dofollow links and give the same importance to nofollow links.

According to John Muller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, each guest post should have the re-nofollow attribute attached to the link in order to please Google's Guidelines.